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Monday, June 28, 2010

Love is in the air

I sure love my kids. They sure keep me going strong. LITERALLY! They are getting so big and need me less and less. It is weird to think that Gunner will probably be our last infant. I have always been either pregnant or with a baby in my arms. It will be different, I think I might even enjoy it. I can't wait to see how my kids turn out. What there favorite color will be, how they like to wear there hair, what will be there favorite subject in school, what will be there favorite hobbies, will they like the outdoors... things like that.

It has been diet time in our house. We are doing this thing with our neighbors, THE BIGGEST LOSER. Jared has lost probably around 15-20? not sure... and I have lost 9. I have been stuck for a few days. I am really hoping to lose about 20 more before my Birthday. We will see I guess. Like I said before, I have always been pregnant or just had a baby. I just want to look hot for once! Wish me luck! I may need it. Here are a few recent pictures so nobody forgets what we look like.


  1. Thanks for the update girl! Love the pictures. Keep on keepin on that diet of yours.. I'm rooting for you at the finish line. :)