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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Catch Up

Can you say SLACKER... Sorry everyone for not updating in so long. We have been super busy. So busy I don't even know where to start. We had a guest every weekend in May. I should have blogged about this while it was still fresh in my memory! The First week my Mom and little brother Layne came. While they were here we went to the wilderness park in Provo. It is kinda like the mountain close to home! Then we went to the Zoo. Allot of the animals were gone but it was still fun. Tell about 2 came around, when Callie's claws came out. We came home had a BBQ, yummy! For desert we had ice cream. Talk about spoiled rotten!

The next weekend was Callie's Birthday. My little girl turned 2! She is such a smarty pants! No body ever believes me that she is that young cause she talks so much. She is a chatter box. Jared's Parents came to celebrate. We Had a good time. We went shopping, ate lots of good food. Went to hooter's (not as good or great as you think it would be) the kids meals were bigger then my plate! Anyways... Saturday was Callie's Birthday. We woke up, gave her the gifts. There was only 2 but that girl got everything she wanted! Soon after we loaded the car and headed to Sandy. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium. Great place to take kids!!! The girls loved it so much. They have been begging me to take them back.

The weekend after that my sister Jill came. I always love sister time. We stayed up late and she did my hair. I was surprised at first, but after a few days I was loving it. I was totally feeling something new. It was just what I needed.

Sense then we have been doing allot of fishing, fourwheeling, BBQin', and other outdoor stuff. You should see my tan! I haven't been this tan in years. Lots of years. I have been having a blast. We are all exhausted, and have been sleeping in everyday tell 9, sometimes 10. Anyways, glad to get all that off my chest. until next time... here is a picture overload of our happenings.